Monday, 3 May 2010

England Rugby Ball

In February I made a cake for a friend at work, her partner loves rugby so I created a Red Velvet England Rugby Ball cake for him. There were tears and drama with this one, the cake was pretty huge and I struggled to get the shape right. I wanted it to look like it was sat in the grass, rather than do a complete rugby ball shape, I think that would have been too tricky for me, I'm still new at this! But I carved it well and put the frosting and icing on, left it overnight to harden before decorating it. But when I looked at it the next day the fondant wasn't smooth, it looked pretty rubbish, more like a cornish pasty than a rugby ball! I think I was a little hard on myself, I'd never covered anything this big before so it was to be expected it might not be perfect first time. So I peeled off the fondant and started again, luckily my second attempt was much better and I got the finish I wanted. Using coloured fondant I started to put on the detail, the rose took a couple of attempts and I ended up cutting it out as a whole and piping on the detail which I think worked well. Then came the lettering... As I am starting out and still fairly poor I haven't got any lettering stencils or cutters so each letter had to be cut out by hand. I had a little help from my boyfriend to get the sizing right and we got there in the end. Sticking them on was tough as the black icing seems to be a lot softer than the other colours, it has a habit of stretching. Then at around midnight I was making tufts of grass to finish it off! I was very happy with the end result, and so was the birthday boy.


  1. How did you make the cake in that shape?

  2. where did you get the rfu rose cutter?