Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Beary Christmas

Here is this years cake! I used Nigellas gorgeous christmas cake recipe, its amazing! (sorry Delia) I then covered it with marzipan and white fondant and did a rather good job I must say. No cracks or splits or tears....go me! :-) This was not my original idea but due to lack of colourings that wasn't going to happen, maybe next year... So I decided on polar bears, One sat snuggled in a scarf and the other rolling in the snow. Loving the bobble hat! I dusted the whole cake in a shimmer powder so it looks shiny and icy then covered the board with coconut and extended this up the sides of the cake to look like snow drifts. I made presents, candy canes and trees from marzipan and fondant. I dyed some coconut green to give the trees a realistic look and added dragees as baubles and a sparkly gold star. I have so many ideas for christmas cakes now I may have to make 3 next year! Ho Ho Ho!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Bath of Beans

I made this cake for a Children in Need bake off at work. Sadly & controversially I didn't win but my cake was auctioned instead. The cake was red velvet with vanilla cream and fondant. I decided to do Pudsey bear in a bath of beans as its a classic fundraising idea and I thought it would be cute... I was right! I used the new design Pudsey and his girl-friend Blush and made a rubber ducky too. The beans were all fondant and I used confectioners glaze to made them look realistic. I was so happy with this cake, I thought it looked amazing. Everyone loved the taps! I hope whoever bid the highest enjoyed my cake... roll on next year... Pudsey getting his legs waxed maybe? :-)

Baby You're a Firework

I made this for Pauls birthday, a simple 1 layer cake and some sparkly fireworks as decoration. It isn't great but not bad for 1 afternoons work!

Cock and Ball

I have been a lazy daisy lately and need to catch up on the cakes I have made recently! I was asked by Stef to make Darren a Tottenham cake for his 30th. The famous 'Cock and Ball' logo was made from my magical lemon cake and covered with fondant. I must add naughty Stef and I created a joke cake at Darrens party but it was a bit too rude to be pictured on here heehee!