Monday, 31 May 2010

Baby Building Block Cake

I looooooooooove this cake! I made this Baby Building Block for my good friend Cassandra who had a surprise baby shower yesterday. It was a 7 inch cube shaped cake made of 2 sponge layers, one vanilla, one lemon with a vanilla cream filling. I then iced it (with great difficulty and help from Paul) with white fondant, which made have been a little on the thick side but I was so worried it would split! Better to be safe than sorry.
I took inspiration from the invitation for the colours to decorate the cake and used chocolate brown, peach and pale green. The combination was perfect as I wanted to keep it neutral and felt that lemon was a bit predictable. I hand cut the letters to spell BABY around the cake and a C on the top as it is Cassies initial. Then strips of colour were added to transform the cake into a building block.
I made 6 sugar animals for the cake, I thought little jungle animals would be cute, and having already practiced some already, I was sure I'd be able to make them look really good. This was so time consuming but I absolutely love making them! I decided to do a panda, tiger and monkey which I have made before, along with a giraffe, elephant and a lion. The lion design was taken from my sugar animals book but I wasn't keen on the elephant and giraffe in there so I just made them up and they matched perfectly. Everyone at the party loved them, I think everyone had their favourite, and although they were all edible Cass decided to keep them and put them on display which was so lovely (thanks!) You can see more pictures and close ups of the animals on my flickr page, just click the link to the left!

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