Saturday, 12 February 2011

Girly Handbag

I was asked to make a handbag for a friend at work, her daughters 17th was on the horizon. We discussed colours & themes for the cake and being a girly girl I thought she'd like the nail polish, purse & beads. The cake itself was purple velvet, a colour variation on the red velvet recipe although it didn't entirely work and ended up just looking like a light chocolate cake. Tasted yummy none the less. I covered this in lilac fondant and decorated with a pocket and flowers. I finally sussed how to use my stitching tool so I could add realistic detail to the bag. The nail polish pots were fondant and I had the idea of writing the message in the polish, this looked really good. I made a beaded bracelet with a heart charm and a purse, using gold smarties for the coins. Very happy with the end result. I've now been commisioned for her sons cake in April!


  1. All your cakes look amazing. I am starting a cake decorating class this spring and am so excited to begin! Any tips on success??

  2. Thank you... I haven't had any professional training or taken any classes so everything I do I have taught myself from books and the internet! As for tips... I'd say that you just need to let your imagination run wild and anything is possible if you are passionate enough. I love making cakes and sometimes its hard and frustrating ehen things dont work out but you have to keep going. Good luck with your classes, let me know how you get on, and please pop back over the next few months, I've got some really good cakes lined up :-) x