Thursday, 29 April 2010


Hello, welcome to my blog. I hope to update this page with pictures of my cakes, updates on my progress and other cake related bits and bobs.

I was inspired to make cakes firstly by my GCSE food studies teacher, she gave me a scone recipe one day and I was hooked! More recently though, I found myself in awe watching Ace of Cakes and wondering 'How do they make such cool cakes?'. Then I realised with some eggs, sugar and flour, a big hunk of fondant icing and a little imagination that maybe I could make such masterpieces.
I made my first 'novelty' cake in October 2009. It was a Jukebox for a Rock 'n' Roll party. For a first attempt I must admit I was rather impressed with myself. It was a red velvet cake with vanilla cream, coated with coloured fondant and edible glitter! And here it is...

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