Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Cupcakes

A month or so ago I decided to try my hand at cupcakes. I love making my fondant cakes so much but they are so time consuming so cuppies were the next step. I treated myself to a Wilton 1M piping nozzle and got baking. As Christmas was approaching I decided to spread some festive cheer in my office with mince pie cupcakes with brandy buttercream & gingerbread cupcakes.
First up, the mince pie flavour. These were amazing but I'll try more brandy next time. The sponges were swirled with mince pie filling (I refuse to call it mincemeat as there is no meat in it, that's just silly) topped with a rose swirl of buttercream and a pastry star shape, it is based on a pie afterall.

Next is the gingerbread cupcakes. I personally found these to be a little dry but others loved them. Maybe knock of a few minutes of baking time if I do them again. They were dang tasty though, very spicy and Christmassy. I topped each cup with a homemade mini gingerbread man. They tasted so good I ate most of the spares! I think you'll agree they are super cute :-)

Next are my white chocolate cupcakes. Veeeeeeeeeeery sweet, think I'll try the buttercream on a lemon cake next time as it was too much with the white choc cakes. I tinted the frosting but it went green ( I was aiming for a frosty blue...oops) I raided the kitchen section in TK Maxx and got a set of snowflake cutters and holly leaves, they look so lovely dusted with shimmer powder.

My second attempt at frosty blue was better, these were vanilla sponges with THE best buttercream frosting ever, it is divine, so smooth and fluffy. again, decorated with frosty snowflakes, dragees and glitter. So pretty.  I bought myself some more piping nozzles so I could try different effects with the frosting. I love all the differents styles I can do now.

Boy are my workmates lucky! As well as my winter wonderland selection above, I also made some more Christmas themed cakes. They were supposed to be red and green but my red frosting just looked pink, so I stuck to white! Again, super moist vanilla cakes with swirly christmas trees, fondant gingerbread men and glittery whips. Deeeelish!

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