Sunday, 8 August 2010

Lego Man 30th Birthday Cake

7th August, Alexs 30th...It had to be a Lego man! I made this shaped cake in chocolate with fondant icing. I started off by shaping a double layer sheet cake for the body and made the head as a separate cake from a loaf tin. After covering the cake I added the detail. Fran had asked for him to be in a Formula 1 suit as Alexs birthday present was F1 related. I decided to make all the sponsorship badges personal to him, including the company he works for and Nandos (oh how he loves Nandos!) I think this gave the cake such a special feel, everyone loved it. I finished the cake off with a lego brick to support the candles. Overall I am extremely happy how the cake turned out, it was yum and looked awesome.

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