Saturday, 26 June 2010

Hippo Bathday

June 22nd is my birthday and I'd had the idea to make this cake for a long time. The design comes from my book 'Character Cakes' by Maisie Parrish. I made a madeira cake and added coconut to the recipe. I'm afraid to say the cake came out a bit dry and it wasn't the best I have made (should have stuck with my lemon sponge!) But anyway...on with the deco! I followed the design in the book and added the rubber duck myself. And yes, I rolled all those little bubbles individually out of fondant icing! You cannot see from the pictures but they were dusted with a pearl lustre powder and had a gorgeous shimmery finish, they lookes just like real bubbles. It was so fun to make all the little accessories, the lipstick and lotion bottles were all edible. This was an 8" round cake so Miss Hippo was huge, and although she was edible we were all too stuffed to eat any! A big slab of cake with cream was enough. I am so pleased how the cake turned out in the end, it looked awesome. So Hippo Bathday to me!

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